IF…  …you are a:

1. Partner

2. Principal

3. Rising Star

4. CEO

…of an

1. Accounting Firm

2. Accounting Institute

3. Accounting Association or

4. Vendor To The Accounting Profession

…who wants to

1. Deliver PROOF to your market on why they should work with you

2. Increase the quality of your PROACTIVE new business enquiries

3. Improve your PRICING structure

4. Create a PIPELINE of prospects so that you can accurately forecast your new business income

5. PROGRESS through to developing new income streams from new and existing clients alike

6. Increase the net PROFITABILITY of your organisation

7. Develop and Establish your PERSONAL brand and career

8. Accelerate your Rising Stars in order to realise your overriding PURPOSE for being in business

…then you should:

Immediate Growth Opportunities

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I recently had the privilege of attending a session at QuickBooks Connect with Martin. Martin is a true professional in every sense. He presented thought-provoking ideas clearly, he engaged with the audience, and generously shared his insights. Every detail carefully considered — even his slides were head and shoulders above the rest. I look forward to learning more from Martin in the years to come!

Liz Farr

Liz Farr

CPA and B2B Copywriter

I spent half an hour on an introductory phone call with Martin. After the usual exchange of pleasantries Martin said something like ‘Well, it’s your call so what do you want to talk about’ and I was in the driving seat. We are launching a new service offering to a market segment we haven’t engaged with before, so we have some BIG hurdles to overcome.

Every suggestion Martin made made perfect sense, and I came away not only with some ideas that we can (and will) implement straight away, but with an absolute conviction that Martin totally understood my business development issues and what we need to do to create an appropriate marketing strategy. It was only after I put the phone down that I realised the one thing Martin hadn’t even slightly referred to was the support services he can offer, so my ‘anti-sales-pitch’ shield never got triggered. Quite probably the most productive half an hour I’ve spent in months and I’m certain I’ll be signing up for one of his programmes in the near future.

Mike Tombs

Mike Tombs

Chartered Management Accountant & Business Adviser

Martin is a thinker, a disrupter and an innovator. His ability to challenge, support and inspire comes from real-world experience and time in the trenches of business. One of life’s true givers, Martin really gets it when it comes to collaboration, partnership and relationship. His commercial acumen and emotional intelligence and straight-talking wisdom have helped me enormously, both personally and professionally. A brilliant mind and a brilliant person!

Rob Brown

Rob Brown

BD Academy Founder & CEO

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