Back in the 2000’s, Martin became fascinated by the apparent juxtaposition of partners of accounting firms not vocalising what they were looking for in terms of an accomplished skill set from their potential future partners and their managers not asking to discover what that skill set included, despite wanting to reach that very position.
In a profession with a supposed “succession crisis” on the horizon, this apparent stand-off struck him as curious. This has led Upward Spiral Partnership to personally interview several hundred partners and managers in the US and UK to learn what partners are looking for and how the managers see their own future in the firm. There are, of course, firms who have addressed this issue already, and their initiatives have also been captured.
The results of the research, including both the consensus and the exceptions to the general opinion, is called “Passport to Partnership.” This study provides the highlights of each factor that the majority of partners interviewed use as their criteria when evaluating whether someone in their organisation can make it to the top.
As a result of the combination of his experience, intellectual property and this proprietary research, Martin now consults with accounting firms in the UK, Europe and the USA to support them in their transition through to the next stage of their development and growth.